Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Motion studies...OWL

This is a quick motion study of an owl flying.
Its a real quick drawing. But, I just had to draw owls! (after watching that Gaurdians preview)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Online Dating" more!

Here are background roughs, the description of the character and the world

"Online Dating" character model sheets 2

Here are more character model sheets and facial expressions, from my animated short I'm working on, Online Dating

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Thirst" character designs

This summer, I had the awesome experience to work with a team to create a 30 sec commercial for the organization, Free The Children.
These are the character designs for our main character (the girl), and her little brother. (I also drew up some roughs of the props)

Lisa's Little Hero Thumbnails

Here are the thumbnails that I drew out, before fleshing it out on the storyboards

Lisa's Little Hero storyboard

This was the very first storyboard that I have ever done!

Lisa's Little Hero

I was cleaning my desk and found my work that I had to prepare for my very first traditionally animated final. I called it Lisa's Little Hero. Here are some of the character model sheets, thumbnail sketches, storyboards...

Assassin sketches/roughs

A friend of mine asked me to sketch out some assassins for his short. These are super rough, but you can still get their villain like personas.

The Synopsis

This is the synopsis page that I made for my show bible, for "Online Dating".
I made the page format as if it was a dating/or social networking site.

Character Model sheets - "Online Dating"

These are some of the character model sheets I came up with for my animated short that I'm working on.