Wednesday, December 28, 2011



BFA in Entertainment Art/Animation (completion date of May 2011), California State University Fullerton

Gnomon School of Visual Effects (2012 ~ )

Technical Skills:

(Proficiency level: Advanced=***, Intermediate=**, Introductory=*)
  • Animation Programs - Digicel Flipbook**, Toon Boom Animate/Studio**, Monkey Jam***, Mirage**, TV Paint**, Maya*
  • Adobe Programs - Illustrator**, Premiere Pro**, Photoshop**, Flash**, After Effects**, Dreamweaver*
  • Editing Programs - Sound Booth Pro*, Final Cut Pro**
  • Office Programs - Microsoft Excel***, Word***, Power Point**, File Maker*
  • Other programs - Corel Painter**

Work Experience:

  • Easley-Dunn Productions, Inc. (July 2011 ~ December 2011)
    Character Design and Concept Artist Intern
    Assistant Producer
    Texture Artist and UI Artist Intern
    Character and Effects Animator Intern
    -Responsibilities include: Design various game art (character, props, 3D texture mapping, UI, and game assets). Animate game characters, props, and effects using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.
  • Film Roman (August 2011 ~ December 2011)
    Production Assistant Intern on "THE SIMPSONS"
    -Responsible for assisting in the production aspects of the animated TV show, "The Simpsons". (Importing images into archives, managing files, and basic office duties
  • Mariposa Pictures (July 2011 ~ December 2011)
    Background and Layout Artist Assistant
    -Responsibilities include: Illustrating various 2D background assets; and prepare cleaned up layout design.
  • Gel Communications (August 2010 ~ December 2010)
    Graphic Design Assistant Intern
    -Responsibilities Include: Online market and concept research, assisting in concept designs and revisions, compiling trend and illustration boards.


Creating traditional and 3D animation; Character, Prop, and Concept designs; Storyboard Art and creating Animatics; Narrative Illustrations; Children's Book Illustration.

Relevant Coursework:

Intro to Traditional Animation, Intro to 3D animation, Animation A/B, Special Studies in Animation, Cartooning and Carictures, Illustration A/B/C, Elements of Sequential Art, Special Studies in Illustration, Life Drawing for Animation, Animal and Wildlife Drawing, Descriptive Drawing.

Other Experiences:

  • Seleceted for the 2010 "CSU SUMMER ARTS PROGRAM"Making a hand drawn animated commercial - AN intensive 2 week workshop where students worked in a team to create every necessary stage of animation production to complete a 30 second short film or commercial. Each team was responsible for the following; writing the script, storyboarding, character design, concept art, layout, background paintings, animation and post production (sound, editing, voice, ink and paint etc.)
  • Fluent in Japanese and English (both reading and writing)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prop designs - Food

Here is the second set of prop designs I have finished today!
The theme is very simple... it's food!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prop Design - Sushi bar!

Finished my first set of prop designs!!! Sushi bar theme!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Go Go Zombie Character Design

Here are the set of characters I have designed for the upcoming mobile game, Go Go Zombie.
These are zombie characters and the player's characters. :)
These images belongs to Easley-Dunn Productions, Inc.